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Often Imitated, Never Duplicated
Quality Tack Since 1985

We are proud to offer the finest handmade rope halters and horse tack. Built by cowboys, tested by broncs. We are a wholesale only company, but please browse our online catalog and find a retailer near you, or buy online!


Groundwork (Book)
This book  covers all of the information in the groundwork DVD.  It makes a handy reference to read and re-read.


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Buck Brannaman's Ranch Roping (Book): The Complete Guide to a Classic Cowboy Skill
Ranch roping is at the heart of all ranch work, and unlike the rodeo variation of calf roping, the "vaquero" tradition calls for techniques that result in a skillful and graceful throw and catch. Here, Buck Brannaman, a world-renowned master of the art, describes what you need to become a successful ranch roper-the essential tools, the mechanics, and the optimal partnership between horse and rider. One hundred full-color photographs of Buck in action enhance the step-by-step methodology that leads to mastering this essential Western skill. This is a collection of lessons, insight and wisdom on the topic of ranch roping...".




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