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We are proud to offer the finest handmade rope halters and horse tack. Built by cowboys, tested by broncs. We are a wholesale only company, but please browse our online catalog and find a retailer near you, or buy online!

#4052 and 4054 Tree Line Mecates
This is the same rope that we use in the 7510 and 7512 lead ropes.   This 1/2" Tree line rope has great weight and feel, with enough texture for a good grip. This mecate has a leather pineapple knot on one end and a leather popper on the other. Offered in 22' (4052) for snaffle bits and 24' (4054) for hackamore/bosals. 

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Store Name Styles
Lost Buckaroo 4052
Southwest Mountain Mule Outfitter & Equine Supply 4052

Available in black or white only.

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Spun /Dacron
Nylon KMII
Tree Line
Hollow Braid Spun Nylon 
Braided Parachute Cord 
Braided Parachute Cord Small








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